30 Baby Girl Room Ideas – Cute Bedroom Decor and Themes To Try At Home

A nursery is your baby’s first home. Don’t you think it should be inviting, calming, helping the development process and fun?
Nonetheless, incredible baby girl room decoration ideas are not easy to find, and not all of them live outside the realm of possibility. As a designer, you need a balance of childlike curiosity with adult practicality and style to create an awe-inducing, cuteness overload in the nursery.
Baby girl room decoration is fun, but it can also be tedious if you don’t know where to start. So, we’ve gathered 30 ideas that will nurture your baby fashionably right from day 1. Let’s get right into them!
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Blessings Wall Gallery 

Blessings wall canvas posters are a simple way of creating a one-of-a-kind gallery wall that will bring blessing in your girl`s life. Get one for your baby girl and let her surrounded by these great Bible quotes.


Create a Stunning Focal Point With Decorative Pillowcases

If you crave a Pinterest-worthy look on your baby girl's crib, then invest in throw and accent pillow covers. Pillowcases are like bling for the entire room; use them to add layers of comfort and texture and a wonderful sanctuary for sleep for your baby girl.


Embrace All colors of the rainbow

Is there anything more beautiful than a rainbow? I doubt!

Somewhere over a rainbow is a big smile. Forget about all pink and all purple; your baby girl deserves the trendiest nursery in town. Throw out the rulebook and fill her bedroom with all colors of the rainbow!


Go All Out With Patterns on Patterns

Does your baby girl crave a sense of carefree fun?

We got you!

Please consider layering and contrasting different patterns on her bedroom walls so that they can easily transport her eyes from one place to another.


The Explorative Theme

Is your baby girl passionate about traveling?

You should add accessories like maps and different country landscapes on her baby girl's room décor to make her explore the world at her comfort!


Animal Wall Art Nursery

Am I the only one who finds it hard to think of something that will adorn a baby girl room décor other than animal paintings? Please spoil your little girl with an animal print to add a pop of personality and create a safari in her bedroom walls.


A Little Fairy-tale Feel Won't Hurt.

Children love mythical creatures. And since girls love the beautiful, pastel-colored staff, their rooms should reflect the same. So, if you are raising a beautiful princess, then a magical, mystical world of fairies will for sure fascinate her!


Create a Stylish Place to Play

Every child's room needs a dose of creativity and playful touches to enhance its design. So get practical with your baby girl's room ideas because every item will be a window of opportunity for her to up her motor skills.


Personalize Her Room

Doesn’t it feel nice when someone can recognize your room without being told?

Yes, it does! So, why not personalize your baby girl’s room décor?


Get Tactile With Textiles

The Best way to bring a touch of softness to your baby girl's room décor, both physically and aesthetically, is by layering different textures. An array of wool, linens, cotton, nylon, and satin, in rectangular, pom-pom, cylindrical, and square shapes will set the tone for sleeping.


Alphabet Wall

Don't you dare try to underestimate the power of ABCs—they will help expose your baby girl to essential literacy skills. Large monograms and educational wall scrolls will help your little explorer learn while adding subtle personalization to her room.


Make Memories Matter

Family photos are uncommon in bedrooms. But why shouldn’t your baby girl’s nursery be unique?

Don't stash away those beautiful family photos in photo albums. Instead, display them on your daughter's study table or walls so that she can be familiar with her extended family.


Minimalist design

Sometimes, less is usually more. Whether a minimalist design is your thing or you are just a parent working on a budget, simple baby girl room ideas are sure to create a serene atmosphere!


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Baby-girl friendly Gallery wall

Nothing makes a fun crafty statement quite like a gallery wall. Develop a color scheme for your gallery, tie your art collection together, and display them in cohesive ornate variations of frames to mix things up!


Pay Homage to the Nature

In the nature there are a lot of things for baby girl room decorations ideas. Tree murals are the most common, but there’s more. Try to give your daughter’s nursery an outside experience!


Accent Up With Colors

Did you know you can decorate the walls themselves?  Try out pastel colors to create an accent wall. Then, contrast the colors to create a tranquil atmosphere and make your baby girl’s room look more balanced and collected.


Paint Ceilings

The last thing children see before they sleep and the first thing they see when they wake up is a ceiling. Why not make these few moments peaceful and relaxing? Simple paintings in soft pastel colors will make cool baby girl room themes!


Be Bold With Art

A baby girl's room is like a small piece of art. Therefore, it should be beautiful and convenient for her. You can splatter the walls with your child's creativity or find inspiration from online gallery walls to set a soothing tone.


Use Storage Solutions That Provoke Interest in Reading

Do your daughter's cabinets have plenty of space to spare? Then use them to display artwork, faux plants, family photos, and more. And if you've run out of storage, floating shelves like this Wallecom bunny nursery bookshelf will make excellent baby girl room decorations ideas.


Go Green

A tropical theme seems weird for a baby girl nursery, but it will be a safer solution when combined with other decorative elements. Let's get over the idea of plants sitting on window sills. Try hanging or displaying them on tabletops to add a touch of greenery to your baby's room.


Glow in the Dark

Children are usually afraid of the dark. However, with glow-in-the-dark decorations, you will transform your baby girl's room into a whimsical sky worthy of her attention after turning off the lights.


Invest in Modern Light Fixtures

Lighting is one of the unsung elements that will amp up your interior design. Therefore, illuminate your baby girl’s room with tranquil ambient lighting, which will give her ceiling a lot more attention.


Dress Up Her Bedside Table

Of course, bedside tables are mostly functional pieces of furniture. But they also deserve to be aesthetically pleasing. A simple vase of flowers, statement lamp, or decorative print will add an instant pop of color, style, and natural beauty.

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Queen Themed Baby Girl Room Ideas

Your baby girl is a little princess. Isn’t she? You should give her a whimsical room that matches her royalty so that she be whatever she wants to be!


Luxury Mirrors

Sometimes all you need to add dimension, space, and light to your room is a decorative mirror. Whether sleek or ornate, mirrors will add visual interests and make a perfect statement to your baby girl's room décor!

Get Creative With Toys

Playrooms are not the only home for toys; bedrooms are too! Toys are both pretty and practical and will make perfect decorative accents. Display them in your baby girl's nightstand or open cabinets to add a youthful and playful spirit to her bedroom.


Add a Sophisticated Touch With Elegant Wallpaper

Do you want an effortless burst of color, pattern, or both in your baby girl's room? Try wallpapers! They are the easiest way to enhance a room's style and design without losing its original appearance.


Baby Activity Gym and Play-mats

Every baby deserves quality floor time. Why not give them a safe place to lay on their front and back? Decorative baby Play-mats combined with an activity gym will give your baby girl hours of exploration and help her reach developmental milestones.


Colorful Curtains and Drapes

A window without curtains or draperies doesn't look complete. And what's more, is that the design possibilities of these elements are endless. Frame your daughter's bedroom window and put a unique spin on it with decorative curtains!

Baby Girl Mobile Crib

Babies spend most of their time looking up before they learn to roll and crawl. It would be best if you gave them something fascinating to look at. Aside from decorating your daughter's room, a mobile crib will also help stimulate their brain function while promoting neural development.



Whether it is an interesting wall art or cute furniture decoration, investing in your girl`s bedroom is something that you she can really benefit her development. Being smart while decorating, you could get furniture that promotes reading, sport or something else that you see as good for your children.
We hope that this list was helpful to you and you will be able to share some new ideas with your friends and family!

Wallecom Team

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