10 Tips on How to Choose the Best Postpartum Underwear

Tips-How-to-Choose the-Best-Postpartum-Underwear

Have you heard the term "postpartum underwear"? Do you know which are the best panties for the postpartum period? Read till the end of this blog post if you want to understand how to choose the best and most comfortable postpartum panties!
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 Since the beginning of the pregnancy, a woman’s body changes dramatically. As the pregnancy progresses, the other organs are compressed and moved around a little bit to make a comfy space for your little one. Once you give birth, either through normal delivery or Cesarean section, your body does not return to its original state pre-pregnancy overnight. To tell you frankly, down there, needs a little bit more T.L.C. after bringing life into this world!

Most expecting moms are unsure what to pack in a hospital bag or even what to wear after a C-section. Your hospital bag usually includes but is not limited to newborn diapers, newborn clothes, wet wipes, and a receiving blanket. Very few moms think about what to pack for themselves, as they are occupied in preparing for their newborn.

One essential thing to pack for expecting moms that is often underestimated is postpartum underwear. Yes, there is such a thing... And these postpartum panties help hold everything down there from your C-Section stitches, vaginal discharge (called a lochia), and thick maternity pads.

What is postpartum underwear, exactly?

Postpartum underwear is usually made of soft, breathable materials that allow for ideal airflow. It also helps hold bigger pads in place during postpartum bleeding and discharge. This is also the perfect underwear to use after a c-section. Wearing regular underwear can be agonizing as it can cause friction in the area, cause pain and even infections in the cut. Choosing the right postpartum underwear can help wick away moisture, promote healing, reduce swelling, keep you comfortable, and securely house an ice pack.

You can also get good period panties from Amazon or period underwear, which is also useful for postpartum bleeding. They help you stay dry, more comfortable, and confident. You can find disposable ones or reusable ones, whichever you prefer.


Postpartum Bleeding and Discharge

After childbirth, you will undergo bleeding, a little similar to your menstrual period, and can typically last four to six weeks after your delivery. This is called lochia, and the fluid contains blood, mucus, pieces of the uterine lining, and white blood cells. Almost like when you’re having your period, this bleeding is caused by the shedding and restoration of your uterine lining. On the first few days to weeks, lochia will mostly be blood. After that, you will see more mucus than blood. This is why it is vital to wear postpartum mesh underwear after giving birth, so you do not have to worry about staining your favourite panties!

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Underwear

We know choosing your postpartum underwear is not the most comfortable thing to discuss with your peers, which is why we are here to give you some tips in deciding how to choose the best postpartum underwear.

Reusable vs. Disposable

Disposable mesh panties are most convenient, especially right after childbirth, as you are still trying to recover and most probably will not have much time for doing the laundry. Disposable panties are very practical and easy to use. You don`t need to worry about blood stains and discharge stains. After using one, you can chuck it out in the trash and grab a pair of new disposable underwear. The downside is that you may run out of supply. This means that you will have to regularly go to the store to grab a few new pairs. On the other hand, reusable underwear will contribute to your ever-growing laundry, but it is more cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Most of the time, reusable underwear is made of more comfortable and softer fabric than disposable ones.

Amazon offers a lot of choices for postpartum underwear, you can check Amazon for disposable mesh postpartum underwear and reusable postpartum underwear, too.


Find the right size

When choosing postpartum underwear, do not get sizes the same as your maternity clothes. Typically, 4 to 6 weeks after childbirth, a woman’s uterus is slowly going back to its pre-pregnancy size, and you may want to size down for your slimming tummy.


Make sure that you choose postpartum underwear that can handle your leakage. Cotton works best if you’re dealing with much leakage because of its absorbency, and it also decreases the chances of infections and irritations. Around the web, you can find leakproof underwear which has many layers that can pull moisture away from your body and absorb discharges, and usually, the topmost layer is cotton.

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High-waisted Underwear

High-waisted underwear is best, especially if you deliver via C-Section, as it is designed not to irritate the section incision. Even if you have undergone standard delivery, it can be more comfortable for you because it can pull up over your still-lingering bump. Most moms are not comfortable with the post-birth jelly belly feeling, so high-waisted underwear can help you feel at ease. You can choose between stretchy recovery panties or one that can provide tighter support in your mid-section.


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The type of fabric is most important, especially if you have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated. As mentioned previously, cotton panties provide you with the most comfort and ease when used.


If you had a C-Section delivery, you would need more support in your mid-section to protect your incision from opening up. The most important thing is you go for the one that feels good and comfortable to wear.

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Ultimately, the style depends on your preference. But it would be best to consider one that can offer enough coverage, protection, and comfort at the same time. You can choose between disposable briefs, period panties, or light compression underwear. When it comes to the style, there are high-waisted briefs, bikinis, crossovers, boy shorts, and bike shorts. Whatever type you choose, make sure that it is stretchable, comfortable, and breathable.


Check the labels! Some garments and disposable clothing are made with harsh chemicals and components, and can be dangerous to your body.


How many to buy

In deciding how many to buy, consider that you will experience postpartum symptoms like bleeding and discharge for up to six weeks. Ensure that you have all the supplies you need on hand for the whole period, as it is more challenging to have a routine trip to the store.

It is recommended to use one to two disposable mesh panties daily and keep a supply for at least a month. It is also best to have few reusable period panties or postpartum underwear on hand for a backup in case you run out of disposable underwear sooner than you expected.

Additional Features

If you have a little more money to spare, there are postpartum underwear styles that offer additional features like those with a silicon panel that can help soothe the C-section incision. Other panties have pockets to securely hold an ice pack, too.


Choosing the best postpartum underwear is not the most complicated task in the world but is not the easiest, too. Please do not spend too much time on it. Choose a budget, get recommendations from friends and family, watch one-two videos on Youtube, check the best products on Amazon for this category and read a few of the reviews if needed.

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