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What is child rearing? What are the best child rearing practices? How to be a better parent? Is there a connection between parenting styles and child-rearing? What means child rearing in America? So many interesting questions, so many interesting answer…Read the full article to get the answer to all those questions and understand more how every family around the world use the Montessori practices!

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What is Child Rearing

According to Meriam-Webster the definition of child-rearing is “the process of taking care of and raising children” and Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the work of taking care of children until they are old enough to take care of themselves”.

We liked those definitions, but we decided that they do not cover the whole meaning and understanding. Ours is a little bit different – the process of taking care of your child`s physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual development until they can take care of themselves and take care of others.

There is not a “right way” to rear a child, but there are many mistakes that you can make. The problem is that the one who suffers is the child. That is why there are many positive strategies, different parenting styles like authoritative parenting, gentle parenting or parenting strategies like nurturing parenting that can help you, and you can learn a lot from the parenting styles that are not so recommended, like neglectful parenting 

What is Gentle Parenting


Child-rearing focuses on topics like moral, ethic, empathy, mindfulness, proactiveness, independence, respect, good manners and many others. All in all, our goal as parents is not to help the child grow physically; our goal is to build a strong personality that can make the world a better place.

We live in extraordinary times, and we know that great times give birth to weak personalities. If we want a promising future for our children, we have to keep that in mind. You have to be really able to balance work and life in order to be a mindful and pro-active parent.

Child rearing practices

Choosing positive child rearing practices is part of the strategy one mindful parent must embrace. Good child rearing practices are essential for children's optimal development and help for synchronicity between the parent and the child. A good parent must be able to meet the child`s emotional and physical needs.

Being a parent who follows such a strategy and is focused on helping your child grow and develop will make you more confident and happy. A bad example of the opposite are new parents who cannot calm their babies (Boukydis and Lester, 1985; Karp, 2008) Good example is the research by Campbell and colleagues (2013) which showed how parents who received knowledge, skills, and social support related to infant feeding, diet, physical activity, and television viewing consumed fewer sweet snacks and spent fewer minutes daily viewing television. You can read what is the correlation between good child rearing practices and childhood developmental, social, or behavioral delays



Here is a list of positive child rearing practices that you can try:

  • Reading to the children every day
  • Storytelling or singing to/with the children
  • Eating your meals together with the children every time you eat
  • Encourage special mommy/daddy time
  • Cheer good behavior
  • Say “No” and set boundaries when this is required
  • Be a friend but do not forget that you are the parent
  • Play sports with the child
  • Make sure they play independent games
  • Help your child find a good Role model (Free Printable My Role Model
  • Talk about emotions and do not forget to say “I love you”
  • Help your child engage in positive daily habits like using a toothbrush

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Which of the following statements about parenting styles is true?

  1. My parenting style has nothing in common with child rearing
  2. Parenting style is the only thing that influences the child rearing
  3. I do not believe in parenting styles

The four most famous main parenting styles are famous, and you can read about. Those are authoritative, authoritative, neglectful, and permissive. We will not analyze the four of them right now. You check our blog for more articles about the different parenting styles and their influence over kids. Child rearing in America is extremely important, and you must know more about the differences between those styles if child-rearing is an essential topic for you.

Parenting style is the strategy that parents choose for rearing their children. By choosing a parenting style, you decide how you will respond to the child`s actions, words and what your goals will be for the family and as a parent. Interestingly, every parent has some style, even though not every parent has thought about it.

What is the answer? Contact us on social media and tell us what you think!



What is Montessori

It will be correct to ask who is Montessori? Maria Montessori is best known for the educational pedagogy methods that bear her name. If you do not know much about her, it will be best to check some books about herself and her method. We can recommend:

The Montessori Method

The Absorbent Mind

The Montessori Toddler: A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being

And here you can check all her books:

Maria Montessori`s Books

Her method has been developed in the early 1900s. It is child-centered science-based educational approach. It includes many unconventional methods and ideas like freedom in the classroom, no grades and tests, mixed-age classrooms and many more.

Some of the most positive ideas many homeschooling parents have embraced in the last years are using nature in teaching and learning outside home (the classroom) and motivating the children to focus on areas that are more interesting to them. For example – if your little boy loves drawing, allow him to draw most of the time and use drawing as a stepping stone for the other lessons.



The Montessori method includes various activities like exactness, order, communication, repetition, and exploration. It has been used in more and more families worldwide for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartens, elementary school students, middle and high school students.

There are different studies around the methods, and it will be best to learn more about them. In 1967 the US Patent and Trademark Office decided that the term Montessori is too generic, and that is why there is not a trademark on the term. This led to many misconceptions about the method and the effectiveness of the practices of many modern “Montessori teachers” are questionable.

Montessori for Everyone

Our goal and task are to gain all the knowledge out there that can help our children grow. If something is valuable and practical, you have to learn more about it and see if it will fit your family and lifestyle.

Montessori practices are so many and so different. It is not easy for one family or one parent to use them all in their daily life and child rearing. However, every new positive habit and positive practice that we successfully include in our parenting style is part of the strategy that will benefit our children and influence their future.



We recommend reading some of Montessori`s books, learning more about the method, maybe following somebody who is a “Montessori advocate” and using their ideas. Every family can use Montessori, and the term “Montessori for Everyone” is not a joke. Do not underestimate it. The method can seriously benefit your homeschooling practices.

Montessori from the Heart

Anya, an attorney by degree and educator by heart, is an example of a great “Montessori advocate”. She is the author of the blog Montessori from the Heart. After discovering the Montessori way of life, she has embraced it wholeheartedly, raising and homeschooling two of her children, "the Montessori way." Over the last ten years, she dedicated her life to "following the child" and observing what aspect of Montessori method works best depending on child’s personal inclinations, aptitudes and learning styles.

Anya has been working with many families and educators worldwide to help uncover the untapped childhood potential and make learning enchanting. Her goal is to introduce the Montessori homeschool education model to parents, bringing Montessori to any home, despite the size or resource limitations.

“Montessori is the way of life, and all you have to do is embrace it and live it! Anyone can do it!” – Anya



On Montessori from the Heart, you can find great blog articles, ideas, and free printables. Here book THE BASICS – Montessori Method Parenting book is a great start for those who want to understand more and embrace the method and her program Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership can give you private access to curriculum, unit studies, over 100 printables, exclusive learning kits, and on the top of that,  three other additional membership programs are included. This is a program where children are actively learning by doing.

You can scroll endlessly on social media or just take action and do something for your children`s future!




Child-rearing is one of the most important things in parenting. What and how you teach your child influences your child`s mental, physical, and emotional development.

Now, after reading the article, we know what the dictionaries` child-rearing definition is. We also tried to give ours, and more important - we gave examples of some positive child rearing practices and activities. We also learnt who is Montessori and what is Montessori method.

We hope that this article was interesting and helpful for you. Share it with your friends and with people for whom it will be helpful!


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