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If you are interested in kids furniture and nursery decor ideas, parenting advice, ideas, and tips on how to help your children grow emotionally and physically healthy without stress - you are at the right place!

Wallecom is the right place for parents who want to grow happy and creative children!

Parenting tips and ideas from Parents to Parents

We have created Wallecom because we are parents and we know how stressful every small detail can be. Parenting does not have to be equal to stress and tension. To have children - this is a gift from God and this is a great opportunity to grow personally. There is nothing that helps husbands and wives to grow more than having babies. 


What we believe in?

Parenting is a blessing! If God has given you this opportunity to grow your personality, do not waste it!

Parenting can be fun, interesting and help you deal with stress! Instead of adding more negative emotions and thoughts, taking care of your children must relieve stress and tension!

Our goal as parents is not to take care of the children until they are 18 or 21 years old! We have big next to them and help them become strong personalities who can handle obstacles and have goals and strong WHY!

Our children are our future! If we do not help them grow now, tomorrow the community and the world is not going to be able to grow!

Every child has gifts, talents and purpose! It is your task, as a parent, to help the kid find it and use them!


More about us

We were blessed with our first child almost 1 year ago in 2020. We are really thankful about this and we really give our best for our son. We want more children and we know that every difficulty now prepare us for the future!

Dani "The mother" has graduated with a bachelor`s degree in preschool pedagogy and a master`s in speech therapy. She has also worked as a kinder garden teacher for more than 2 years. Her passions are connected with children development and more specifically physical, emotional and healthy cooking for children.

Nick "The father" has more than 10 years of experience with sports and nutrition. He has practiced more than 5 sports through the years. Nick has specialized, organized events and talked on the topics of personal development and emotional intelligence. His passions vary from physical development, healthy nutrition, emotional intelligence to children education, spiritual development and apologetics. 

"Growing in a bad family, seeing bad habits and bad family relationships is not something that helps the children to grow healthy. I am really thankful that my parents took care of me, but the truth is that I had a difficult childhood. Both Dani and I want to help young parents make better choices for the different decisions they have to make. We want to help families and parents, because their attitude and actions will influence the life of the children. I wish more children had better childhood than I did!"                           Nick 


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