I can write - Tracing Kit 1 (28 Pages)

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Do you know that learning the letters is a gradual process that starts by learning every single letter separately?

Do you know that more children that have not performed exercises like tracing the letters have more difficulties reading and writing?

If you want to help your child learn faster, you need the right tool! That is why we created a series of printable pdfs for letter tracing.

Letter tracing is one of the most important exercises when a child is learning to write. Repeating the letters is extremely beneficial and allows the child to remember how to write the letter. The image on every page helps for associative thinking and will make the process of remembering the letter by connecting it to a word or the image itself.

Some children remember numbers, some children remember images, why limit your own kid by giving only one way to learn the letters? Get the printable letter tracing kit and print it today!

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